• Environment

    The Montessori environment is a carefully prepared environment to suit the needs of the child. The rows of tables and chairs or desks as in customary schools, cannot be found here. The children work at chowki or on the floor, rolling out mats to work, choosing their work space. There are inspiring wall hangings, or paintings from an art gallery or framed photographs or paintings created by the children themselves.

                The Learning materials are all child size displayed on accessible shelves. Children can guide themselves through this environment, freely choosing their activity and work independently with the materials and explore them. The Montessori environment is like a second home for the children and is called the House of Children or Casa. The Casa is like a mini society with mixed age group of children who may work individually or in groups. Environment enables the child to become independent. The capable child use freedom with responsibility. Only by living in this environment they will become independent. Montessori system enables the adult to deal with each child individually in each area, and thus guide him according to his individual requirements, as each child works at his own pace.

                Interaction and learning from each other happens in a mixed age group. By being part of mixed age community children live happily. Older children take responsibility of younger children. Younger children feel comfortable when there are older children along with them. It is like a mini society where we help people when necessary. This attitude happens in a Montessori environment. Order is very vital for young children. The Montessori environment is full of materials that have a fixed place for everything. Children put back the materials in place after use. In this safe and empowering environment, children find joy in learning. There is a quiet reading corner with well chosen books displayed for the children to read. The snack corner is the place where children socialize with each other. The Montessori environment has major four areas like, Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics.

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