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    Language comes from life experience. In the Montessori environment children get rich experience through which the language comes out as a spontaneous explosion. The reading corner has variety of books on rotational basis. Children are familiarized with sounds in the words, they are offered rich vocabulary through the environment. Speech is the first explosion of the young child. Just as speech came at 2 ½ to 4 ½ writing appears spontaneously, if conditions are right then writing explodes in the same way and reading will automatically follow.

    The Montessori environment builds the child’s self esteem and helps his social life and take them forward. The problems of life are solved with confidence, and build his entire personality. It helps children to come back to life when they believe in themselves. Above all it fulfills the inner need of self construction. Control over self is a lifelong process, but if it begins in early childhood it lays foundation. The human knowledge is derived from life experience. It’s developed through understanding of life experience. The Montessori activities are involved in construction of intelligence. The Montessori environment not only provides opportunity for learning but also lays a foundation for life.

     To grasp the essence of Montessori education, just step inside the casa.

    “Let Me Do It Myself!”

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